Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Meet the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland Report 1987). One must also consider that the fundamental pillars for sustainable development involving the care of the environment, social development and economic growth.




With Andes Country project we start an adventure to deliver us an opportunity to make something different at our sector.Through an small family company and an active participation in the community  we try to apply the sustainable development concept.






problematica2The problem

Consist in the gradual loss of country side spaces.

  • Shortage of data measuring the situation of flora and fauna in our sector.
  • Mining and tourism activities due a pour information and a lack in planning have generated a degradation of the nature resources.
  • Decline of agriculture and livestock which generate an aggregate idle capacity with impact in different services, product, traditions and finally at the income distribution.
  • Environmental problem.
  • The economic model trough the market and its deviations generate a deep impact into the environment permanently and decisions levels are not aware of that.





Restore of degraded country side spaces, than contain different elements, to  boost balance and a reach an sustainable alternative to the economic matrix in our sector.





Specific Goals 

  • Determine the aggregated capacity of production and identify the variables for a budget and  project .
  • Achieving a strategy for stable jobs with emphasis on the development of tourism and agriculture. Vertically integrating in the chain value.
  • Desing of an strategy of marketing for the sector.
  • Develop a compilation work of the current state of the cultural and natural heritage of the area and apply an economic development strategy for long term tourism, booting plans for conservation of biodiversity and establish an alternative to the economic matrix in the sector.