HighlightsNational Award of Youth Venture (entrepreneur)


We are proud to have received   the “National Award of Youth Venture” than through of INJUV given by S.E. the President of the Republic of Chile Sra. Michelle Bachelet. We thank than our work be considered and important and we guarantee to our clients than Andes Country keep working to offer a high quality in our service, integration with the community and maximize  the sustainable development  as an viable  alternative to continuous improvement of the life quality for people and respect to the nature around us.




webpeliRecording  Support  “El Paso del Diablo” www.elpasodeldiablo.cl


This was a wonderful opportunity to us, because we discovery very nice and creative people and we had the chance to learn more about the seventh art,  and take on new challenges. We want to thank to all team “El Paso del Diablo” than trough our services of horse rides, let us participate in the recording of the first stage of this cinematographic project. We wish a successful for all team of this project.



websanesteban1Tourism Contribution Award


We appreciate and thank by the recognition to our job in the Tourism Celebration day made by the “Municipalidad de San Esteban” delivered by his mayor Mr. Rene Mardones.






Valladolid 110Spain Mision for the devolpment of Tourism for the Aconcagua Valley


We appreciate the opportunite provaided by La Cámara Regional de Comercio de Valparaíso, Corfo y la Mesa de turismo del Valle del Aconcagua to participated at this trip, this let us to expand our horizons.

All our project at tourism sector must be devolment with a integral vision that allow us grow together other economic activties such agriculture and animal husbandry.






Andes Country Colegios 017Education for Environment protection at Sendero de Chile, Orolonco, V region With CONAMA (National Commission for  Environment)


Trough guided visits to kids betwen 10 and 13 years old we implement a program to teach about for environment protection.

Around 200 kids participated a this activities in two months, each path take 4 hours from “Parque Huaso Saonde”  to “Las Carretas”, at Putaendo community, during the walk were applied contents for education for sustainability througth a narrative that positions the student in a historical context, allowing know the time of degradation of waste through the reuse and recycling.


webmdza4Agriculture and Tourism Exhibition 2008 / Mendoza Tourism Exchange  

Andes Country has been participated different kind of activities with other companies of the Tourism sector grouped at different organizations, like “Mesa de Turismo del Valle de Aconcagua” and other companies bilateral way.  Also we are development a work together with public organism like SERNATUR and SERCOTEC. The most featured activities  than we made we can mention the “Agriculture and Tourism Exhibition 2008” at Los Andes, where during three days come around 3.000 of persons, then “Mendoza Tourism Exchange”  where we can get in touch with the tourism activities at Argentina and with development organism there like the “Asociación Empresaria Hotelero Gastronómica y afines de Mendoza”  and “Escuela Internacional de Turismo Fundación Islas Malvinas”





LImpieza Vuelta el Aguila 126Voluntary recollection garbage at the comunity of Campos de Ahumada, San Esteban.