EducationDynamic and interactive learning experiences outdoors.


With the concept of Sustainable Development as a cornerstone of all our activities , education is of vital importance as it allows us to contribute to that future generations are aware of the delicate balance of our planet , from this perspective is that we want to generate new and interactive learning space contribute to the education and protection of the environment by working with teachers and students , developing educational activities to promote awareness and appreciation of natural and cultural heritage.

Specifically, these activities can be developed in the Sendero de Chile , Altos Campos de Ahumada, San Esteban and commune Orolonco Putaendo. All our activities consider the OFT ( Transversal Fundamental Objectives) and applying workplace policies based on the ” Leave No Trace Manual ” ” Methodological Guide Environmental Outdoor Education ” developed by Sendero de Chile and CONAMA ( National Environment Commission).


Jorge Zamorano


Jorge Zamorano

Biology  Teacher MSc in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology