Horseback riding

Horseback Ride


Many of the routes that we travel through at “Los Andes Mountains” belong to generations of “Arrieros” and the aboriginal people at “Altos Campos de Ahumada”, during the summer month, cow and goat cattle, eat new grass at the mountains every year, and then go down to protected zone during the winter.


Available almost all year, with durations between one and a half hour up to 6 hours, with the possibility of encamp without difficult and good trails.  Approximate height,  between 1.500 and 2.000 meters over the level sea.




Senderos de Chile Sector  Altos Campos de Ahumada

  • Los Maitenes
  • Corralitos
  • Portezuelo de los Pozos
  • Los Barros Negros
  • Cajón del Arpa
  • Lagunitas


horseback riding

Spring – Summer – Autumn


Routes with a middle difficult degree at some sectors, good and safe trails where we can go up to heights between 2.000 and 3.500 meters over the level sea.

  • Laguna el Copin,  one day
  • Cruz del Padre 3 days and 2 night
  • Vegas el Zorro 5 days and 4 night
  • Cajón del Toro 5 days 4 night



Make your queries for mentioned routes and another variation of these ones.

  • Horse rides 1 ½ hrs. Comuna de San Esteban
  • Horse rides 2 hrs. Guided by Chilean cowboy of “Altos Campos de Ahumada” (Senderos de Chile sector
  • Horse rides 1 day  Guided by Chilean cowboy
  • Horse rides 2 days Guided by Chilean cowboy
  • Cordillerana horse rides 3 days Guided by Chilean cowboy, making camping on the route and the final destiny place.
  • Cordillerana horse rides 5 days Guided by Chilean cowboy making camping on the route and the final destiny place.

We provide to the visitor the proper animal with complete equipment for a horse ride, all necessary to eat ( dishes, spoon, cup, fork, knife, etc), rotes, medical kit, tents, kitchenettes and flashlight.

For trips longer than one day we also take photos to remember this great adventure.

The horse rides have a maximum duration of six hours each day with the objective to protect the physical integrity of our horses, visitors and staff. For a trip of one day we start around 09:00. Then, around 13:30 hours, we stop to return around 18:00 hours. The shedule could change, considering weather conditions and physical state of our visitors.


horseback ridingEquipment considered for our visitors:


  • Tent
  • Mount
  • Kitchenettes
  • Kit
  • Flashlight
  • All necessary to eat