chilean mining  History

Since ancient times, aboriginal people as diaguitas and atacameños have worked the copper, besides being precursors in the exploitation of Chuquicamata.

During XVIII century, begins the modern exploitation of this metal and with the Chilean independency, the production expands to become Chile in the largest world producer and exporter, this condition change at the end of XIX century and the Chilean production have to face its most important crisis. Just at the beginning of XX century begin its recovery, at the same time the social process take a relevant importance at national agenda, reaching its pinnacle with the nationalization, and now make Chile face new challenges, as keep the lidership sector and the social process start again.




chilean mining  Chile mining now and projection


The investment for the industry for 2007 to 2011, was around US$22.000 million with a projected range from 5.560.000 to 6.700.000 FMT (fine metric tons) at 2015, that represent the increase the number of tailings dam and the volume of waste.






chilean mining  Chuquicamata


The largest open pit mine in the world

Soon isn’t  be  profitable, because the cost for operation are to high, for example, a truck must travel around 10,8 km to reach the bottom of the pit, so this truck spend 3.100 L oil per day, that spend a normal car 21 month. Ratio increased sterile and mineral.  For that reason the objective now is get the mineral by underground mine with a calculated effective achieve mineral of 1.700 millions tons of copper and molybdenum, expanding the life of Chuquicamata until 2060.



chilean mining  Regulation for mine closure, Law 20551, Mining Ministery

Important topics

  • Authority
  • Provides review of plans
  • Review of updated of plans
  • Permissions
  • Fulfilment of closure plans
  • Responsibilities
  • Control
  • Infraction and penalties
  • Guarantee of compliance
  • Standard post closure